Can you imagine Chaiya Chaiya without Malaika’s scintillating moves? Thriller without MJ? Or Hrithik Roshan without his dancing talent? Well, there won’t be much to imagine there would it?

PRATAP & HARISH are a pair of choreographer’s hell bent on making a world filled with dancing shoes. From Mohiniattam to Broadway they have done it all. Be it swinging on Bhangra or swaying on Ballroom dancing… PRATAP & HARISH have 7 years of experience in almost 40 dance forms.

Choreographing workshops on official retreats to the weddings to watch out for, they have done all this and more. PRATAP & HARISH are a name to reckon with in the industry- be it in Films, TV, Music Videos or Concerts.

We are looking forward to a year filled with new gigs, concerts, opening ceremonies, films & much more… Be a part of our journey to live with us through a spectacular show!


  • Indian Classical: Bharat Natyam, Oddisi, Kathak, Chhau, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam Indian Ballet.
  • Folk Dance: Ghoomar (Haryana and Rajasthan), Kalbelia (Rajasthan), Lambadi (Rasjasthan), Ghodi(Rajasthan), Teratali (Rajasthan) Koli (Maharashtra & Goa), Bhangra (Punjab), Garba (Gujarat), Maniyara  (Gujarat ), Lavani ( Maharastra ), Jogwa ( Maharastra ), Karagattam (Tamilnadu ), Mariamma (Tamilnadu), Gidda (Punjab), Dhangi (Kashmiri)
  • Western: Samba, Lambada, Jive, Salsa, Flamenco, Hip-hop, Latin, Cha-Cha, Jazz, Belly, Ballet, Ballroom, Swing, Rock-n-Roll, Cancan, Rumba.
  • Broadway
  • Stunts